Thursday, January 29, 2009

Intruducing my Fine Art Textures! - pack ONE

So, i have finally decided to share..!
Many have asked about my post processing style, i am releasing one secret here..
my Fine Art textures.

This set includes fifty high resolution experimental texture images.
Included is a -How To Use- document, though i do recommend that you already have some knowledge of texture use
and Photoshop layers.


Because my textures sold here are electronic refunds cannot be granted. ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL.

*Pack ONE
price $40.00 US

Discount Code:

CD's are available for purchase for an additional $10.00 US

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  1. I'd like more info on your offer. Specifically, what you meant by experimental texures. Are any of them the ones you've used in the video? I just love the work I'm seeing in the video! Also, the link to the image is broken. I'd like to see the vintage wallpaper image you mentioned.

  2. I there somewhere I can see the wallpaper in use?

  3. What music did you use on your slideshow? Love your textures.

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  5. This music is "Sigur rós" - - Icelandic band ;)

  6. Completely in love with them - thank you for sharing them with us, Vanessa (Australia) xoxox

  7. But if eveything has a texture on it then your work starts to become texture based especially if you are not subtle. it won't be long before textures are like last years pumps. Nice work though.

  8. Hi there. I would love to purchase your textures, but I am still a beginner in photography and photoshop; however, your work is exactly what I hope to achieve. I love the look. What would you recommend?
    I am on Flickr which is where I found your photos. My tag name is Skip Rock. Please let me know your thoughts on what to purchase, etc.
    Thanks - Shannon

  9. Thanks, Beth :) Grabbed pack 1 and 2. Love your textures - and seriously, a great price. Thanks for sharing!

  10. so happy to hear everyone likes them :)
    Photo Elan: nice point, textures have already been around for years, and of course i dont use textures on every image.. only ones that i feel would benifit from them.
    ~ the slide show has only pictures of textures so to show them off.. ya know ;)
    thank you so much everyone!

  11. I really like these textures and would like to see them a little more upclose could please email me a larger version?

  12. Hi Beth,
    I love your work! I just purchased all your textures and I am very excited to start using them. Thanks for sharing them!